I'm "Belltown" Radley Estrada, founder of 'Expert Advice For Men' and podcast host.

What's the catch? What are you trying to sell me?

First off, Expert Advice For Men is a passion project which is fully funded personally.  Show sponsorship is in the works, and disclosures will be made in the future.  Be assured, you will find nothing on this page I am pushing to sell.

However, if you happen to know how I can get The Rock, Bruno Mars, Dave Chappelle, Russell Wilson, or Joe Rogan on our podcast - That would pretty damn cool!

Second, although the information presented on Expert Advice For Men is designed for men in-mind, all are welcome to the knowledge and information presented on this site and podcast.  We are inclusive to all.

Expert Advice For Men is a lifestyle podcast, created to help find expert answers to questions and issues facing men of all ages.  Our podcast is available 100% FREE for you to subscribe & listen.

With all the podcast offerings out there - we've custom tailored our podcast episodes to be only 30-40 minutes long, so you can easily listen at the gym or on your morning commute, and can gain knowledge, information, and inspiration that will enhance all aspects of your life.

We are the perfectly sized addition to your current podcast library.

Sample interview topics include:

✔ You Don't Need Permission: Quitting Your Dead End Job & Reinventing Yourself And Career

✔ Side Hustles That Earn More Than Your Main Hustle

✔ Getting Over Your Fears: Dating Again After A Bitter Breakup

✔ Secrets Other Parents Aren't Telling You: Getting Your Child Into Their Dream College

Our podcast presents acclaimed experts, industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and battle-tested athletes to share their real-world insights that will take your life and way of thinking to the next level!

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