Who is Belltown Radley?

I'd love to say that I'm a born leader, had the perfect upbringing, and came from a privileged family.  However, this statement couldn't be further from the truth.

I grew up an overweight child and suffered bullying throughout my grade school years that resulted in extreme self-doubt and several bouts of depression.  Through high school, my parent's divorce after 20 years of marriage, caused me to wall-off my emotions and become introverted and weary of intimate relationships.

Fortunately, I was a relatively good student and used my introversion to study hard and get into college.

Through the college experience, I was exposed to people from many different cultures, walks of life, and ways of thinking.

Before the days of the internet, iPhone, and MP3 players - A college friend was listening to a book on CD called "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey, and had offered me to listen.

I was blown away!

I could not believe the vision and insight given to me through this audio-learning program.

From this first introduction to audio learning, a thirst for knowledge and personal growth was born.  I was HOOKED!  I had to listen to every audio-learning CD and cassette I could get my hands on!

The works from pioneers such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Dale Carnegie were on constant rotation in my headphones.

No matter what negativity entered my personal life, these audio teachers and coaches became my 'easy to access' mentors.

Through several audio-learning programs, I gained the inspiration to lose 60lbs, developed confidence to overcome my shyness, and began to surround myself with like-minded people that supported my growth.

I was creating the life I wanted.

Over time, those old books on CD and cassette have been replaced with several e-books and podcasts.  Modern mentors on my constant audio rotation include: Tim Ferris, Grant Cardone, Robert Kyosaki, Dan Lok, among others - As I continue to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Today, some of my personal achievements include:

  • A continued healthy and active lifestyle
  • Enjoying a loving, supportive marriage
  • A rewarding career in healthcare with a comfortable 6 figure income
  • Founded a real estate investment company that in under 2.5 years, has already grown a real estate portfolio over $1.1 MM in value with positive monthly cashflow.  And still growing.

Do I consider myself a "self-help guru" or a "financial wizard"?  

Not at all. 


However, through all my achievements and years of listening to nearly every personal development coach out there - I have gained 3 very critical, high-level skills that I'm certainly proud of:

  1. I understand how to be quiet, pay attention, and actively listen
  2. I understand how to ask the right questions at the right time
  3. And MOST important: I have developed a finely tuned bullsh*t detector

In an instant, I can tell if what I am reading, seeing, or listening to is worth my time or wasting my time.

I can spot those who do vs. those who talk from a mile away.  And I will use this same sense of bullsh*t detection when it comes to the information presented on this site and booking of guests on the Expert Advice For Men Podcast. 

As the title of this site implies, I only want to present quality content that will be both entertaining and life enhancing. 

I want to add value to the lives of my listeners. 

That is my promise to you: Mission Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

What city is the Expert Advice For Men Podcast broadcast?

The Expert Advice For Men Podcast broadcasts from the greater Seattle area, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Where does the nickname "Belltown" Radley come from?

Belltown is a vibrant neighborhood in downtown Seattle, adjacent to the world famous Pike Place Market.  Having lived in Belltown for the majority of my 20s, the nickname was given to me by several close friends and has stuck ever since.

What are your personal hobbies and interests?

As you have already read above, I'm a huge fan of personal development and wellness.  I truly believe that, at any age, knowledge mixed with the appropriate action - can not only change your life, but, improve it dramatically.

Once the 60lbs of flab left my body in my early 20s, I grew an affinity for all the physical activities I avoided while overweight.  I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, distance running, martial arts, and self-defense training.  I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2009, and currently hold a brown belt under Marcelo Alonso Team Carlson Gracie in Seattle.  Although I'm no jiu jitsu champion by any stretch, I enjoy competing at regional tournaments on occasion to test my metal.

My instructor Professor Marcelo gave me some great advice when it comes to martial arts competition, that also translates well in life.

"You either win or your learn.  You never lose."

How would you answer the E4Q?

  1. De Janeiro Brazil - For their stunning landscape, gracious hospitality, and beautiful culture & people.
  2. The ability to speak multiple languages to better communicate with those around the world.
  3. Instagram - I used to think Instagram was just a place to look at a bunch of pretty pictures of people and their material possessions.  However, if you follow the right people, from a simple picture and post, you can be inspired to learn just about anything.    
  4. I would say:  You're on the right track, invest in real estate early, and enjoy that Ducati as much as you can before you get married!

What the heck is the E4Q?

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